Become No-Code Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 15 Projects

Learn AI from Basic and Solve real World problems with Zero knowledge of coding & Build train and Deploy 15 AI/ML Models

Become No-Code Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 15 Projects
Become No-Code Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 15 Projects

Become No-Code Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 15 Projects udemy course free download

Learn AI from Basic and Solve real World problems with Zero knowledge of coding & Build train and Deploy 15 AI/ML Models

What you'll learn:

  • Build, train, test and deploy 10 AI/ML models in 10 days without writing any code.
  • Build, train, test and deploy AI models to classify fashion items using Google Teachable Machine.
  • Visualize State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence Models Using Tensorspace JS, Google Tensorflow Playground and Ryerson 3D CNN Visualizations.
  • Explain the difference between learning rate, epochs, batch size, accuracy, and loss.
  • Build, train and deploy advanced AI to detect Diabetic Retinopathy disease using DataRobot AI.
  • Leverage the power of AI to solve regression tasks and predict used car prices using DataRobot AI.
  • Evaluate trained AI models using various KPIs such as confusion matrix, classification accuracy, and error rate.
  • Understand the theory and intuition behind Residual Neural Networks (ResNets), a state-of-the-art deep NNs that are widely adopted in several industries.
  • Understand the impact of classifier threshold on False Positive Rate (Fallout) and True Positive Rate (Sensitivity).
  • Predict employee attrition based on their features such as employee engagement, distance from home, job satisfaction using DataRobot AI.
  • Develop an AI model to detect face masks using Google Teachable Machines.
  • Build, train and deploy XGBoost-based algorithm to perform regression tasks using AWS SageMaker Autopilot.
  • Learn how to transfer knowledge from a pre-trained Artificial Neural Network to a new network using transfer learning strategy.
  • Learn how to train multiple AI models based on XG-Boost, Artificial Neural Networks, Random Forest Classifiers and compare their performance in DataRobot.
  • Learn how to use SageMaker Studio AutoML tool to build, train and deploy AI/ML models which requires almost zero coding experience.
  • Differentiate between various regression models KPIs such as R2 or coefficient of determination, Mean Absolute Error and Mean Squared error.
  • Learn how to build, train, test and deploy advanced machine learning classification models using Google Vertex AI.
  • Understand how to leverage the power of AI/ML to predict bank customers credit card default using their features such as interest rates and loan purpose
  • Learn how to create a new dataset using Google Vertex AI Develop and manage experiments using Google Vertex AI.
  • Understand the theory, intuition, and mathematics behind simple and multiple linear regression and differentiate between various regression models KPIs.
  • Deploy the best model after the hyperparameters optimization job is complete and Learn how to assess feature importance and explain model predictions.
  • Deploy and monitor AI/ML models and create AI/ML applications with Google Vertex AI.


  • The course has no prerequisites and is open to anyone with no or basic programming knowledge. Students who enroll in this course will master AI fundamentals and directly apply these skills to solve real world challenging problems.


Good job on landing here, on this no-code AI Engineer course!

I'm not one to make you just see through theoretical lectures.

I'm a no-code AI expert who is good at helping people to learn by doing and building.

Now the chances are...

You've tried AI projects through coding, but find it more time consuming and hard to apply in real life problems which resulting in stopping your progress.

I promise that if you take the time, you'll walk away from this course understanding how to build AI based solutions for Businesses and professionals quicker than it would take you to learn how to code.

Instead of theory, you'll learn practical skills as we work through projects, such as:

1- Currency Classifier with Teachable machine

2- Audi Price Prediction with Obviously AI

3- Old House Price prediction with Rapidminer

4- Ball image classification with Google Vertex AI

5- Tweets Sentiment analysis with Parabola AI

6- Differentiating Patient unlabeled dataset using k-means with Rapidminer

7- Income Evaluation with Datarobot

8- Emotional Analysis with Teachable machine

9- Data Science Job Analysis with DataRobot

10-Predicting failures of Boiler in manufacturing unit with Rapidminer

11- Marketing Campaign Income Analysis with Obviously AI

12-Car Price prediction with Google Vertex AI

13-Identifying customer for Business with Rapidminer

14- Runway ML Multi projects based on text to image, horse to Zebra, image to text and draw to real image conversion models.

15- Stock Price Analyzer with Parabola AI

And, more

This course would have saved me a lot of; effort, confusion, money (I spent 5 Lakhs Indian Rupees + on a coding efforts and learning all No code concepts deeply) You don't do the same and you can save time while on my journey of learning development.

For a small investment, you can re-ignite your Career for building AI stuff and be sure never to waste your time again. And if you don't get desired result from the course, take advantage of Udemy's refund policy.

It's time to decide now ; are you going to continue struggling with coding and wait for years to get into work, or are you going to dive and gain by learning a new skill?

Who this course is for:

  • For those who don’t have coding skills (or have basic coding skills) and wanting to transform businesses by np code concepts of AI.
  • Business and startups owners who want to utilize the power of AI to maximize revenue, reduce amount and optimize their business.
  • Tech fans who are passionate about AI and want to gain real-world practical experience.
  • Freelancers Who Want To Learn An Emerging AI Skill To Maximize Their Earnings

Course Details:

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 13 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Become No-Code Artificial Intelligence Engineer: 15 Projects udemy courses

Learn AI from Basic and Solve real World problems with Zero knowledge of coding & Build train and Deploy 15 AI/ML Models
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