IELTS Complete Preparation for (Academic & General)

Are you taking the IELTS TEST? Then this is the only video course you need*we cover Reading,Writing,Listening & Speaking

IELTS Complete Preparation for (Academic & General)
IELTS Complete Preparation for (Academic & General)

IELTS Complete Preparation for (Academic & General) udemy course free download

Are you taking the IELTS TEST? Then this is the only video course you need*we cover Reading,Writing,Listening & Speaking

What you'll learn:

How to pass IELTS Academic full course

  • A 6.5+ grade is possible with the right strategies and tactics.
  • A short video that doesn’t waste time.
  • 2 sections are just for writing on the IELTS.
  • A bonus section on stress management includes practical techniques and exercises that can help you deal with stress before and during the test.
  • To be in charge of your time, you need to use time management strategies.
  • Opportunities to write feedback on tests, as well.


  • Basic English skills.
  • To get an IELTS of 6.5 or more.
  • Being able to set aside time for practice.


This is the newest complete IELTS preparation course for anyone taking the Academic or General IELTS test. You will learn the most up to date tips / techniques and learn from real IELTS materials. My video course is the most recent to be added to UDEMY so please learn form the newest material and the latest tips. The old videos on UDEMY are most likely outdated and have old information.

In this IELTS full preparation course you will learn everything about each part of the IELTS test along with impressive vocabulary, linking words and must know tips. Together we will begin with Speaking part 1, 2 and then 3. You will learn many things including how you can continue speaking even if you have nothing left to talk about. I promise you are learning from the best. I have been teaching IELTS & English since 2008, which means I have a lot of experience. In addition, (which means AND) I have a large Instagram following where I not only do Zoom lessons but also post some useful English phrases and expressions. Once you join my video course you can contact me anytime for help and also a practice speaking test, if you like. My ID: English_Grammar_vocab_ielts

After the Speaking video lesson we will move on to Writing where you will learn part 1 & 2. I have made this section much easier for you, so you can use my one structure for almost all of the different types of writing. By following my structure, your writing will sound more formal and help you to achieve your IELTS band score.

Following the writing we will go through listening where you will learn how they try to trick you, in this section of the test. Did you know that sometimes the answer is not what they say in the recording but what they DO NOT say. (I will talk about this in much more detail in the course) After you learn how to approach the listening section you will get the chance to try a full IELTS listening test, which is a real test that has been used in the past.

Finally we will finish with the Reading section, where you will learn about the 15 different question types. I have made it easier for you and combined the 15 questions into only 6 main question types. You will also learn tips for the reading such as, which questions ALWAYS go in order to the reading and which NEVER go in order. This can be very helpful to know, so that it saves you time in the reading test.

I will also provide some advice for you on what you should do on the day of your test as well as things you should not be doing. I have worked extremely hard creating this IELTS FULL PREPARATION video course so that you don't have to. In my video course it has only what you must know and no extra information that is not needed. Too many teacher give students too many paper handouts and too much unhelpful information.

Enroll in my video course and lets do this together step by step. I will be with you all of the way and when you finish your test, I want you to message me on Instagram to let me know the good news.     

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is taking the IELTS Academic or General test.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their speaking, listening, reading & writing of an essay, letter or to analyse a chart.

Course Details:

  • 18.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

IELTS Complete Preparation for (Academic & General) udemy courses

Are you taking the IELTS TEST? Then this is the only video course you need*we cover Reading,Writing,Listening & Speaking
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