Learn Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing Udemy

Ethical Hacking & WAPT is Offensive Security course that primarly focus on finding out bugs in Applications or Networks.

Learn Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing Udemy
Learn Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing

Learn Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing Udemy udemy course free download

Ethical Hacking & WAPT is Offensive Security course that primarly focus on finding out bugs in Applications or Networks.

What you'll learn:

  • You will learn the ART of Hacking.
  • You will learn Windows and Linux
  • You will learn how to dig information about your target system/server/website or Human(Social Engineering)
  • You will learn Tricks , Methods and Technologies to Hack into any target.
  • You will learn Hacking Mobile Phone.
  • You will learn what're the bugs in Web Applications and How websites and servers are Hacked.
  • You will learn how to Hack Networks and Routers.
  • You will master Testing Web Application Security
  • Overall You will become INFORMATION SECURITY EXPERT or in other words, You will become POTENTIAL HACKER.
  • Get Certified as InSEC-Techs Certified Ethical Hacker [ I | CEH ] InSEC-Techs Certified Web Application Penetration Tester [ I | CWAPT ]



  • Basic Networking Knowledge would be preferable (Not Necessary)


Learn Ethical Hacking &Web Application Penetration Testing complete courses with course completion certificate

Ethical Hacking (EH) and Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Course is IT Security (Offensive) Security Course that teaches you how to find vulnerabilities (bugs or loopholes, like coding mistakes, configuration mistakes or errors etc) in any applications and Network infrastructures including networking devices, mobiles etc- Web Application Penetration is specific to digging the same specific to web applications.

In this course you will learn how to find critical information that helps you to hack into computer / applications, later tool, techniques and technologies that help you to penetrate (hack) into your target- Ethical Hackers have high demand and have excellent job scope around the world- You can just dig information in job portals about the job scope and salaries paid- According to Nasscom (INDIA), India needs 188,000 security professionals by 2012, its 2019 now, you can expect the job scope around the world- 

This course (EH & WAPT) is highly comprehensive made of 145 video lectures of 31 hours and PDF & text materials- Your doubts related to subject will clarified lifetime on this learning platform - This course is made by industy expert trainers Mr- Srinivas and Mr- Nipun Jaswal

Bio: Nipun Jaswal: Nipun Jaswal is well-known IT security Researcher, Well Known for his activities in the field of ethical hacking and cyber forensics - Mr- Nipun was an Independent security expert , who works on cyber crime cases and investigations , he was the Ex-C-T-O in Secugenius Security Solutions , Also He Worked As A Security Analyst in a Company - During His Career He has Pen-tested over 100+ Servers And Solved Many Cyber Crime Cases ,                                             

He Has Trained Over 5000+ students in the field of ethical hacking and penetration testing , he is the currently the ambassador for EC-COUNCIL Programs In Lovely Professional University (First Indian University To Tie Up With EC-COUNCIL)- He is Currently Pursuing Masters In Technology (M-TECH) From LPU Itself - He Has Been The Speaker At Several National Level Confrences - His Security Research Papers Are Published Over Many Sites Like Packetstorm, SourceForge Etc- Achievements of His Careers:                                                 

a- Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-COUNCIL C|EH)                                             

b- Certified Information Security Expert (CISE)                                             

c- Ankit Fadia's Certified Ethical Hacker (AFCEH 5-0)                                             

d- Winner Of Innobuzz Best Blog Competition (2010)                                           

e- Ambassador Of EC-COUNCIL @ Lovely Professional University                                             

f- Ex- Chief Technical Officer At Secugenius Security Solutions                                             

g- Ex- Security Analyst At Cyber Cure Solutions Delhi                                             

h- Founder/Admin Of Starthack                                             

i- Founder/Admin Of Indian Cyber Police (Among Most Active HAcker's group of india)                                           

  j- Administrator of various forums                                             

k- Admin Of Hacker's Group Ap3x_nd_h4ck0                                             

l- Respected V-I-P Member Of International Hacker's Forum (MADLEETS Pakistan)                                                 

m- Presenter At HATCON LPU & HATCON KANPUR                                               

n- Presenter At DEFCON Groups (DC141001)   

0- Trained Over 9000 Students And Delivered Over 70+ Workshops q- Worked On Cyber Crime Cases- r- Secured Over 1000 Domains s- Regular Author At Packet Storm Security t- 3+ Years Of Experince                                                                                               


Mr Nipun Jaiswas is an author of book "Mastering Metasploit"  and can be found on amazon.                                        



Mr- Srinivas Mr- Srininvas is Security Analyst and Ethical Hacking Trainer Since 9 Years and addressed over 90 workshops and Seminars- He is Co-Author of the Book "Hacking S3crets", along with Sai Satish and Aditya Gupta-                                                   

Srininvas is also moderator of famous Hacking Forum based website  and contributed SQL Injection articles to World's leading hacking magazine "hackin9"- Srininvas was honoured with "PRATHIBHA" Award by Govt- of Andhra Pradesh in Year 2008-   

Who this course is for:

  • Law Enforcement personell
  • Security Auditors
  • PHP, .NET, Java Developers, Netwoking Professionals, Firewall/IDS Specialists
  • CEO's
  • Law Firm Agents
  • Cyber Crime Investigators
  • Security Analysts
  • Anyone with basic Computer knowledge
  • Computer Geeks

Learn Ethical Hacking & Web Application Penetration Testing Udemy udemy courses

Ethical Hacking & WAPT is Offensive Security course that primarly focus on finding out bugs in Applications or Networks.
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