Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin - The Complete Course

Your detailed guide on how to manage Google Workspace

Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin - The Complete Course
Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin - The Complete Course

Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin - The Complete Course udemy course free download

Your detailed guide on how to manage Google Workspace

What you'll learn:

  • Setup your Google Workspace Admin Console and configure the required DNS records such as MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  • Users, groups, OU, and resources provisioning, management, and integration with your Active Directory server
  • Understand the various settings and controls in the Admin Console
  • Apply Google's recommended security practices and recommendations through 2SV, SSO, and their security guides
  • Services and apps settings and management based on OU level, and domain level
  • Implement various email routing and compliance scenarios and setups
  • Implement device management policies and manage company owned devices and work profiles
  • Monitor your domain and services health and usage through the various reports in the Admin Console
  • Email and data migration, using DMS, GSMME, and GSMMO
  • Data protection and compliance using DLP rules, and third party tools as well


  • You should have knowledge on some basic IT concepts and some cloud concepts
  • You need to have an active domain name to be able to create your own Google Workspace Admin Console



IMPORTANT: G Suite is now Google Workspace! The content and course will change to be aligned with these new changes from Google! The actual tools and how things work did not change, but some features and the branding and the look & feel will definitely change!


Google Workspace Admin Course is the most detailed course you can have about how to manage Google Workspace.

Whether you are a new Google Workspace administrator, or an existing one, in this course you will learn a lot of new concepts and information.

From creating, deleting and undeleting & restoring users in Google Workspace admin console, to working with Gmail and email routing and spam settings. Also there is a section about data loss prevention (DLP) and data security and privacy.

Also in this Google Workspace admin course you will learn how to manage the various services that make Google Workspace, and how you can create different policies and settings for each application and customize them based on OUs or groups of users.

In summary, here are the topics and points that are discussed in this course:

  • Users management (created, edit, delete, and undelete users in Google Workspace)

  • Groups management (create, edit, delete, and undelete groups in Google Workspace)

  • How to automate user sync to Google Workspace from on-prem or Azure AD using GCDS (Google Cloud Directory Sync)

  • How to manage the buildings and resources in your Google Workspace domain

  • How to work with Gmail in Google Workspace, which is a very important topic that will cover:

    • Email security and important records (SPF record, DKIM record, DMARC record)

    • Gmail routing rules

    • Gmail anti-spam rules

    • Gmail quarantine and compliance rules

  • How to manage and work with Google Drive service in Google Workspace that will cover:

    • Google Drive sharing settings

    • Shared drives options and settings

  • How to manage Google Calendar, Chat, Meet, Keep

  • How to work with Google Vault in Google Workspace, which is also a large topic that will cover:

    • What is Google Vault?

    • How to properly use Google Vault in Google Workspace?

    • How to work with retention and holds in Google Vault?

  • Device management topics, and this will show you how awesome Google Workspace is because it shows you the many and various features and controls that you have to manage devices in Google Workspace. This will cover Android devices, iOS devices, and Chrome devices as well. In addition to the Windows management features that Google Workspace offers and let you use to even manage your Windows devices.

  • Reporting and audit which is a critical component of every service

  • How to migrate into Google Workspace from other services and platforms using Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange, and Data Migration Services that is found in the Admin Console, and also some other third-party tools.

There are much more topics and points to talk about and discover as well and the above list is just the list of topics that are very interesting and great to show you the real value of Google Workspace.

By the end of this course you will also be almost ready to take the official Google certification exam: Professional Google Workspace Administrator. And hopefully with some little more preparation you will be able to pass that!

Comments and feedback is always welcome, and in fact it is our only way of improving the course and the content, so please feel free to share any feedback that you have!

Who this course is for:

  • Existing Google Workspace administrators
  • Administrators who want to get started with Google Workspace
  • People who are interested in learning something new!

Course Details:

  • 33 hours on-demand video
  • 21 articles
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion

Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin - The Complete Course udemy courses

Your detailed guide on how to manage Google Workspace
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